The President of Maldives visited homes affected by floods in Malé City, Expressing concern for the well-being of residents

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu visited homes in Malé City severely affected by heavy rains and flooding. Accompanied by Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef, Cabinet Ministers, and government officials, the President inspected the damage and spoke with affected residents, expressing concern for their well-being.

Addressing the media on-site, President Dr. Muizzu highlighted the government’s commitment to comprehensively revamp the city’s roadways. This includes installing additional drainage systems beneath the streets to address flooding issues. He emphasized the need to enhance the disaster management system to better handle such events, aiming to minimize property damage and provide long-term solutions for Malé City and the surrounding islands.

The Malé City Council, working in collaboration with the Maldives Police Service, National Defence Force, National Disaster Management Authority, various governmental agencies, NGOs, and citizens, is actively involved in draining floodwaters from the city. Under the President’s leadership, nationwide collaborative efforts have been launched to support those affected by the flooding.

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