Dhiraagu Introduces Tesla as the Prize for ‘Win A Tesla’ Anniversary promotion

Dhiraagu, the major telecommunications player in the Maldives, is making waves in customer engagement by introducing a Tesla car as the centerpiece of its ‘Win A Tesla’ promotion. The exciting announcement took place during a special event held at the Dhiraagu Head Office.

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Dhiraagu has launched this unique promotion, offering customers a chance to win a Tesla. The promotion is open to both existing and new customers who subscribe to the Postpaid 450 and Fibre Broadband 30M plans or higher. To enter the contest, participants need to register through a designated portal to qualify for the grand prize.

Hassan Sharih Adam, Dhiraagu’s Manager of Marketing Communications, emphasized the significance of this promotion at the event. He highlighted that it not only marks the company’s 35th anniversary but also provides customers with an opportunity to embrace a tech-driven lifestyle.

Interested customers have until January 31, 2024, to enroll in the ‘Win A Tesla’ promotion. The company has underlined that each eligible Mobile Postpaid and Fibre Broadband service number can be registered to maximize the chances of winning the coveted Tesla car.

For those keen on participating, Dhiraagu’s website contains additional details about the promotion, offering comprehensive information for potential entrants.

This initiative reflects Dhiraagu’s ongoing commitment to spearheading the digital transformation journey in the Maldives. Over 35 years, the company has consistently delivered top-tier services, ensuring its customers are well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of the ‘Digital Raajje’.

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