Maldives Shines Spotlight on Tourism at Fitur 2024 in Madrid

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), also known as Visit Maldives, is currently attending Fitur 2024 in Madrid, Spain, alongside 22 industry partners. This marks their initial participation in a trade fair this year, and the event, taking place from January 24 to 28, 2024, is a significant gathering for professionals in the tourism sector.

Fitur is particularly influential in the Ibero-American inbound and outbound markets, providing a crucial platform for Maldivian industry partners to showcase their unique products, services, and experiences to a broad audience. The participation in Fitur aligns with MMPRC’s strategies to enhance the Maldives brand and establish strong connections with travel agents from key markets in the region. The event also offers numerous opportunities to promote the distinctive experiences and tourism products of the Maldives, highlighting the destination’s unique attributes.

As one of the major fairs in Spain, Fitur 2024 provides an extensive platform for disseminating the latest information about the Maldives and for individual properties to showcase their new offerings. The Maldives’ booth at the fair encompasses elements of luxury, romance, adventure, surfing, and cultural tourism. It effectively portrays the diverse experiences available in the Maldives through visuals and videos displayed on LED screens, providing an immersive glimpse into the destination.

Spain ranked as the 9th top source market for the Maldives in 2023. The Maldives successfully achieved pre-pandemic arrival numbers from Spain last year, making a substantial contribution to the country’s thriving tourism sector. MMPRC has been actively promoting the destination in the Spanish market through various marketing activities. Participation in Fitur 2024 is therefore crucial for sustaining the momentum gained in the previous year and continuing to attract tourists from this key market.

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