MI College Celebrates 17th Anniversary by Offering 85 Scholarships to Maldivian Students for Higher Education

Mianz Foundation Maldives is providing an incredible opportunity for students in the Maldives by offering 85 scholarships for the May/June 2023 intake at MI College. Under this scheme, 32 scholarships will be granted for Certificate level 3 programs, 32 scholarships for Advanced Certificate programs, and 16 scholarships for Master’s programs. In addition, 5 special scholarships will be awarded to athletes who represent any Maldivian national team under the name of the Gaumattaka scholarship.

MI College, which has 16 campuses, will offer 5 scholarships at each campus: 2 scholarships for Certificate Level III, 2 scholarships for Certificate Level IV, and 1 scholarship for the Master’s program. All Level III and Level IV scholarships (64 scholarships in total) will cover 100% tuition fees and will be awarded through a lucky draw among eligible applicants. Meanwhile, all Level 9 Master’s program scholarships (16 scholarships in total) will cover 50% of the tuition fees and will be awarded based on the merit of the applicant’s Bachelor’s degree GPA.

All scholarships are only available for Maldivian students. Eligible students must submit their scholarship application along with the other required documents mentioned in the application form. The scholarship application link will be available on the MI College website (www.micollege.edu.mv) and other social media platforms. The application period will be open from 7th May 2023 until 12 pm on 29th May 2023.

On behalf of MI College, sincere gratitude to Mianz Foundation for providing this incredible opportunity for students to pursue their education and achieve their goals. This initiative is a significant step towards making education more accessible to students, and this will inspire other institutions to follow suit. MI College encourage all eligible students to apply for these scholarships and wish them the best of luck in their academic pursuits.

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