Xiamen Air Elevates Maldives Tourism with Exciting New Direct Flights

China’s Xiamen Airlines is gearing up to introduce direct flights to the Maldives, a move unveiled after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s recent visit to China. This initiative is a crucial step in attracting more Chinese tourists to the Maldives.

President Dr. Muizzu, during his visit, engaged in discussions aimed at boosting the tourism sector. He mentioned, “There were talks about increasing Chinese tourists. Discussions were held at the highest level to increase flights, and Xiamen Air is set to start flights this spring.” This announcement brings optimism to the Maldivian tourism industry, actively seeking to broaden its visitor base.

The President also highlighted that other airlines are considering expanding direct flights. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to double the number of Chinese tourists, a goal set before the global health crisis. Before the pandemic, the Maldives saw a significant influx of Chinese tourists, making it a vital market for the nation’s tourism sector.

Until now, only one Chinese airline operated direct flights to the Maldives, specifically from Beijing. The introduction of Xiamen Air is expected to not only make travel more convenient but also significantly contribute to the recovery and growth of the tourism industry post-pandemic.

In 2019, before the outbreak, the Maldives welcomed a total of 284,029 tourists, with Chinese visitors making up a substantial 16 percent of the total tourism. The launch of Xiamen Air’s direct flights is viewed as a key step in reviving and surpassing these pre-pandemic numbers, further solidifying the ties between China and the Maldives in the realms of tourism and trade.

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