Dhiraagu Supports G.Dh. Atoll Education Centre’s Learning Support Class

Dhiraagu recently shared that they’re helping the Learning Support Class at G.Dh. Atoll Education Centre as part of their program to give back to the community. They organized a special event at the school in GDh. Thinadhoo to hand over important things the class needed, like computers, printers, headsets, beanbags, and floor mats. These resources will be used in the school’s special education unit to support kids with disabilities.

The event was attended by Dhiraagu and G.Dh Atoll Education Centre’s management, along with students, parents, and the Dhiraagu team from Thinadhoo Operations Centre.

During the event, Masool Ali, Dhiraagu’s Director of Customer Service and Regional Operations, talked about how important it is to have communities that include everyone. He praised the school for creating an environment where every child can do well and sent good wishes to the school and all the students.

Shifaz Mohamed, the Principal of G.Dh. Atoll Education Centre, thanked Dhiraagu for their help and support to the Learning Support Class. He also said that this support will make a positive difference for kids with disabilities and help the school reach its goals for inclusive education.

Dhiraagu is committed to helping communities by empowering young people across the country.

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