President inaugurates the ‘Ras Malé’ reclamation project

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu officially started the ‘Ras Malé’ project, a massive land reclamation effort, at Fushi Dhiggaru Lagoon. The inauguration ceremony was attended by First Lady Sajidha Mohamed, Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef, and his spouse, Aishath Afreen Mohamed.

The project aims to reclaim 1,153 hectares of land, with a commitment from the President to complete it in eight months. Addressing the housing crisis in Malé is a top priority for the administration. The plan involves transforming Fushi Dhiggaru Lagoon into a city, creating a land mass three times larger than the combined area of Hulhumale’s two phases.

President Muizzu announced additional efforts, reclaiming 85 hectares from Gulhi Falhu and 50 hectares from Giraavaru Falhu, connected by bridges. This is expected to provide 65,000 housing plots or flats, resolving the housing issue in the Malé region. Moreover, the President plans to extend housing eligibility to residents from across the Maldives.

To facilitate transportation, modern express speed boats will connect Malé to Ras Malé, and an airstrip near Fushi Dhiggaru is planned, ensuring no disruption to Velana International Airport’s operations. The President envisions Ras Malé thriving, boosting trade, revenue, and employment opportunities.

The President initially announced the project during the unveiling of a new clock tower in Maafannu ward on November 18, 2023, promising to begin reclamation works within 30 days. Today marks the end of that period, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to fulfilling its promises.

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