First Lady Handed over the Equipment Donated by Chinese Embassy to Maafushi School

First Lady Sajida Mohamed was present at a ceremony today, overseeing the handover of equipment donated by the Chinese Embassy to Maafushi School. In her speech, she mentioned how these contributions would enhance the students’ learning experience and be beneficial for the teachers. The First Lady specifically pointed out the positive impact of sports equipment on the students’ physical well-being.

Emphasizing the importance of education in societal development, she stressed that investing in Maafushi School’s educational infrastructure is essential for the island’s long-term prosperity. She highlighted that the benefits of this donation extend beyond the school, positively impacting the entire island community.

In closing, the First Lady expressed heartfelt gratitude to the People’s Republic of China, specifically mentioning Governor Wang Yubo of Yunnan Province for the generous donation. She also extended thanks to Ambassador Wang Lixin and the Chinese Embassy for their consistent support and invaluable assistance in making this grant possible.

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