Maldives Unveils New Rules to Support Employment for People with Disabilities

The Maldivian government has recently introduced a new regulation aimed at enhancing job prospects for individuals with disabilities. The announcement of this initiative, aligned with President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu’s dedication to community welfare, was made during a press conference held by the President’s Office last month.

The main goals of this new rule include making it easier for people with disabilities to find employment, eradicating discrimination in the workplace, and fostering a supportive and respectful working atmosphere. The regulation also emphasizes equal opportunities in education, training, and benefits for individuals with disabilities.

Comprising 10 chapters and 36 articles, the regulation takes a comprehensive approach to address the needs and rights of disabled individuals in the workforce. An important aspect of this regulation is the provision that allows individuals with disabilities to file complaints if they face dissatisfaction with their working conditions or encounter issues at their workplace. This feature highlights the government’s commitment to creating fair and accommodating employment opportunities.

As of November 2023, the disability register in the Maldives includes 12,011 individuals. This new regulation builds upon the government’s ongoing efforts to integrate persons with disabilities into the workforce, a commitment that has been evident in the administrations of previous Presidents, including Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayoom.

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