President Dr. Muizzu Aims to Ensure Access to Quality Medication in the Maldives

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has decided to put in place policies, following the Cabinet’s recommendations, to make sure that high-quality medicine is accessible in the Maldives. This decision comes after discussions on a proposal presented by the Ministry of Health during today’s Cabinet meeting.

In the meeting, they talked about and agreed to continue the ‘bulk procurement’ method for acquiring essential pharmaceuticals. It was decided that, under the new system, the State Trading Organization (STO), responsible for providing essential medications independently, would ensure a consistent supply of these medicines to healthcare facilities and pharmacies across all inhabited islands.

The President also decided to establish warehouses for storing drugs meeting the system’s requirements, implement a central monitoring system using advanced technology, and update research on the quantity and quality of medicine ingredients. The Cabinet further resolved to enhance and expand human resources and increase capacity to ensure and uphold pharmaceutical quality.

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