President Dr. Muizzu Announces Administration’s Efforts to Reclaim Lost Maritime Territory

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced the Administration’s commitment to reclaiming lost territory in the Maldivian Sea, ensuring it remains inaccessible to foreign armed forces. The President delivered these remarks in a video address commemorating the 46th Martyrs’ Day.

During his speech, President Muizzu extended heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all Maldivian citizens, underscoring the distress of a nation deprived of its sovereignty. He called upon the people to uphold loyalty and faithfulness to the nation, demonstrate reverence for our religion, and actively work to avert such adversities.

The President also highlighted the significance of King Ali’s sacrifice for liberation, emphasizing the valuable lesson that divine victory favors the righteous, irrespective of land size or population. He underscored King Ali’s unwavering faith, love for the country, bravery, and dedication to the state.

President Muizzu conveyed that Martyrs’ Day holds profound national lessons, necessitating a thorough analysis of our history for a comprehensive understanding. He further elucidated on these insights and lessons in his address, urging the populace to reflect on the historical context.

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